Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Egg Hunt Family Tradition

How nice to have Easter so late this year! It means we won’t have to wear coats for our egg hunt next week. Holidays are so much more fun for me as a Mama!

Thank you, Sketch-N-Scrap for the layout inspiration! {I flipped it vertically} This is my first time playing along—I’m always happy to find new sketch sites. This one runs through the whole month of April so there is plenty of time for everyone to participate.

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Real Things

I have been running around like a beheaded chicken lately, not keeping up with much of anything. We are on spring break this week so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up a little bit…

Unfortunately I missed the deadline for Scrap & Music’s deadline for their Sketch #24…Better Together challenge but I’m still happy to link over to them because their song fit perfectly for my subject matter. I love your challenges, friends!

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Good Reads: February 2014

These “Good Reads” pages are quickly becoming some of my very favorite to scrap. I’ve always loved very, very clean, simple and deliberate lines; these layouts work well within those parameters. And, I’m a stinkin’ book addict. Please, please, please give me your recommendations.

Have you read Code Name Verity? I! LOVED! IT! Definitely add it to your list.

My love of clean design, is a natural combination with the sketches over at Stuck?! Sketches. Thank you for another beautiful sketch in the March 1st Sketch Challenge!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

So Lucky

I had the best birthday this year! I seriously felt like royalty.

My cute friend, Ramona {without glasses in the photo}, offered to take me dinner and Digi Night Out. I was thrilled at the offer. You see, I’ve wanted to attend Digi Night Out, but I have neither a working laptop nor a solid stash of babysitters so there are always many reasons to miss it. It was so fun to get out that now I’m pretty much hooked.

Suzy of SuzyQ Scraps {in photo under the date} was the featured designer. Not only did she provide a wonderfully packed kit for all she also let me use her laptop for the evening. I need to figure out another scenario before April so she doesn’t curse my coming.

Speaking of Ramona, she’s hosting a forum challenge over at Scrapbookgraphics this month. She kicked off March with a virtual chat about scrapping with St. Patrick’s Day themes. Be sure to visit the recap, as there are loads of great ideas including photo ideas, layout ideas, title ideas and quotes. And, as a bonus, if you make your own layout inspired by one of the ideas she’ll send you a pack of free “Lucky” digi papers.      

Onto my latest lucky discovery…Scrapbook Challenges. How have I been in the scrapping world for several months without finding these lovelies? They host weekly challenges that include sketches and other springboard ideas. They also have a wonderful gallery chuck full of brilliant inspiration. I’m thrilled with this discovery. Sketch 384 + March Color Challenge inspired my layout. Thanks, friends! I can’t wait to become better acquainted!

Happy scrapping, y’all!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Best Days

So, my computer has been wigging out. GRR!!! Talk about making a girl CRAZY!! The kind young gent at Best Buy told me computers generally start having problems around six years. If only Macs grew on trees… I’m working on shifting off my 22,000 pictures. {Obsessed much?!} It seems to be helping though the process is boring! Anyway, that’s why I’ve been MIA for a bit.

I’m one of those totally annoying parents who just can’t say enough great things about her child. I try to keep my bragging in check but when it comes to scrapping, I see no need to filter. I find myself looking, looking, looking at every layout about my little guy. He really is the light of my life. I hope we will always maintain the close relationship we now have.

Though I’ve found a few preferred challenge sites, I’m still looking to increase my circle of inspiration so for this layout I drew ideas from several sources…

The Sketch
I’d been looking for an idea to help me use my new Memory Overlays from Memory Clips. I knew I wanted to use the “best day” one in a line of photos. The Sketch-y Friday challenge over at Scrap Much? fit my request perfectly.

The Color Palette
 I’ve always loved creamy browns so I was naturally drawn to the beautiful colors of Kreative Koncept’s photo for their Colour Challenge #22. I LOVE the bold blue of this room, though my blue is much softer. Someday when I have my own place again I want to use strong punches of color.

The Excuse
Okay, it’s not like I really need an excuse to document the little moments of life, but I love the weekly challenge over at Scrapbookgraphics to record weekly happenings on their How was your week thread. If you participate in this particular week you will receive some free journaling cards as well. Bonus!

Thanks for stopping in. I hope the bulk of my technological woes are behind me. I have a seriously hard time maintaining any sort of balance without a healthy helping of my digi addiction. J

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Worth It

Sheesh! I’m getting this one in by the skin of my teeth! I’ve had nowhere near enough scrapbook time this week. Grrr!

I have long admired the sketches over at Sketchabilities and their sister site Cardabilities though this is my first time playing along. I came back to my roots and simplified the elements of Sketch #109 for my purposes. Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

I began this layout Saturday at my first Digi Night Out. {More about that night later} They had a speed scrap challenge where they listed six or so suggestions. {Photo of yourself, a journal card, an element behind the card, at least three lines of journaling, a rub-on, at least three different papers, I forget what else.} It was fun to follow someone else’s suggestions although there was nothing speedy about my scrapping that night.

I started making that big heart one day while my son was chalking up our driveway. You probably can’t tell from the picture but the heart was huge. I didn’t wind up filling it all in as planned because my little guy was worried I would use up all of the chalk. J

Thanks for popping in. I'll be back later to finish this post. I'm an early bird and I'm ready for bed...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Team Katrina 6K

I didn’t plan the correlation of this layout to my previous one but the timing couldn’t be better. I knew I had a fitness request coming up from Memory Clips. The wonderful CS Sketch 262 over at Creative Scrappers looked like movement to me so I knew it would be a great backdrop for my race photos. Thank you for the fun challenge!

As I mentioned on my layout, despite the awful circumstances that prompted this race, it was SO FUN!!! I’d never done a race with so many friends and family members. I seriously hope they make it an annual event to continue to help raise money for the six amazing kiddos my friend left behind.

Here’s the picture of Katrina’s little angel that I took the day of the race. Sure wish I were able to see this little guy more often.

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Friends: Katrina {left side}

I’m thrilled to participate in my second challenge over at the Stuck?! Sketches blog! I need to give a serious shout out to their team: I felt very embraced by them with so many kind comments about my layout and gratitude for participation in their challenge. YOU ARE WONDERFUL! I highly recommend any of my fellow scrappers giving one of their sketches a spin. 

I knew I had a Slice of Life layout to create about my dear friend who passed away. I knew the layout would be difficult to create and would mean a lot to me so I wanted the perfect backdrop for inspiration. I found exactly what I was searching for in the February 1st Stuck?! Sketch. Thank you for filling my need so perfectly.

A little word about journaling…I find the journaling and the photos to be the heart of all of my layouts. I love the creative aspect of pulling together elements in a pleasing way but at the end of the day  the reason I’m doing this is to preserve the moments of my life for myself and my loved ones. I don’t always, however, love the look of two full pages of journaling, even though I feel committed to keeping all of it. This time I played with having my words directly on the background page instead of a white paper holding in all the journaling. Though it still feels like a lot of words it does feel a little less in-your-face than the spread I did about my mom. What do you think? Have you found a perfect balance between loads of journaling and aesthetically pleasing? I’d love to see some of your solutions.

Thanks for stopping by!

{Click here if you’d like to see the full two page spread of this layout or to hear more of the story behind it.}

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Friends: Katrina {right side}

I’m so excited to have played along with the Artful Delight sketch challenge for the month of February! I knew that I would need lots of space for journaling. This sketch gave me the perfect opportunity. I simply flipped the sketch and bumped the photo up to leave most of the room for memories of my bff. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration on a project that was so important to me.

{Click here if you’d like to see the full two page spread of this layout or to hear more of the story behind it.}

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Slice of Life 2014: Friends: Katrina

A couple of weeks ago, when I saw the request for a Slice of Life layout about friendship for the Memory Clips Creative Team, naturally my thoughts directly wandered to my dear friend who I lost less than a year ago. Of course I would want to record my thoughts about her reach in my life. What I didn’t anticipate was how debilitating this layout would prove to be.

I’ve experienced some dark, dark moments in my life but never so immediate and hopeless as when I received word that Katrina’s sweet baby was alive and well but she would never hold him to offer physical manifestation of her love. Though the dangers we obvious enough, I never, not for a moment, believed she wouldn’t make it. I, like so many others, was heartbroken.  

Today, it is with a still-heavy heart that I offer you a tribute to an angel. I deeply believe her children and I will see her again yet the time until that comes to pass will drag for those of us who love her.

Hold fast to the ones you love. Spend as much time in their midst as possible. Not a moment of it will be regretted when it is no longer an option. God speed.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Want

Anybody frequent the Scrapbookgraphics forums or galleries? As a newbie to the world of scrapbooking I’m so much more used to blogs than forums. Slowly I’m trying to work my way in to this other form of community since it seems to be where most of the scrappers chill.

It looks like the crewmembers are working overtime to bring folks together with new challenges and other ideas. {I was thrilled this week to see someone highlight my January 2014: Good Reads layout in the Show and Tell thread! YAY!} One of the threads I came across is entitled “How Was Your Week.” The intent is that it will be a no-pressure way of preserving the little things along the way. I can’t say that I’ll have time to play along every week, but the fact that it is out there will give me the push I might need to record things that might otherwise be lost in the wind.

This layout represents one such moment. I couldn’t stop laughing when, in all seriousness; my son verbalized this truth as we were shopping. As one of my friends replied, “Welcome to the human race, kiddo.” J If only I weren’t likewise so inclined.

Happy long weekend, all! I’m desperate for some regeneration…

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Little Things

Happy Valentine’s Day! {I’m downloading my Valentine’s kit as I write this. I can’t wait to scrap all the fun things we’ve been doing to celebrate one of my favorite holidays!}

In addition to the Valentine’s Day kit, Memory Clips released a new set of templates today. Coming from a card-making background I’ve used loads and loads of sketches through the years but never templates. Frankly I didn’t really even understand what they were.

In case you are a newbie, too, the templates come in three different formats to help quickly put together layouts. Since I’m a Photoshop user I used the Photoshop version. Each element of the template is on a different layer. I think if you used the layers to clip your papers exactly as the template comes you could easily produce a layout in less than an hour. What a great tool!

I, of course, have to change and customize everything I do so it wound up just being a springboard for my design. The challenge for me was using the mask for the white paint spot in the middle. I’d never done that before and now I’m thrilled to have a new skill under my belt.

As a clean and simple girl I’m not entirely sold on my finished product. So much is happening I’m not sure the focus is where I want it—on the photos and journaling. Even so I love having a document of a little moment I hope to never forget.

Be sure to head over to the Memory Clips shop. Everything is 30% off until February 20th. That makes the Valentine’s kit less than $3! WAHOO!

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Good Reads: January 2014

Does anyone else scrapbook the books they read? I feel like a little bit of a nerd for doing it—no matter. J I thought having a visual record of my favorites would be a fun way to record what I read. And, since I’m the kind of person who likes to reread books I enjoy, it will be an easy way to find books to reread when I just need a no-brainer escape.

I would love to receive recommendations from any of my virtual buddies, so feel free to share your preferences as well. Which reminds me, are any of you on Goodreads? Let’s be friends! Be sure to tell me how to find you.

As a CAS girl through and through I was happy to find this simple sketch on the Scrap 365 blog. Especially for this project I wanted something extremely simple to showcase my favorite books I read in January. Thank you for lovely inspiration—I can’t wait to join you again on another challenge. And, to my scrappy friends, this challenge runs through the week so you still have plenty of time to play along.

I hope your day is filled with either scrapping, reading or {in my case} both.

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

I Belong with You

Do you have a favorite age or stage of baby? I love, love, love, love, love newborns. SO MUCH!! Everyone talks about how hard this stage can be; my pregnancy was so brutal that by the time I final had my little guy this stage felt like pure heaven.

Baby hungry at all? OH YEAH! Since that option is not really an option for me I’ll continue to soak in the memory of this dreamy time by staring at my layout for a few more hours. J

Anyway…somehow I came across the coolest challenge blog: Scrap & Music. They offer a sketch and a song. The title in your layout is supposed to come from the lyrics of the chosen song. I’m so far out of the music scene right now that I didn’t recognize the song {and haven’t taken the time to listen to it yet} but the lyrics perfectly capture the way I feel about my son. Thank you for a fabulous challenge!

Be sure to check out the new Oh Baby collection from Memory Clips. Ramona has created four mini kits that capture the many highs and lows parenthood-seeking.

Praise! The weekend is nearly upon us! Hope yours is a good one!

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Monday, February 03, 2014

Slice of Life 2014: Family: Mom

Oh man! I’m really struggling with this one. I don’t want to dishonor my mom at all by airing dirty laundry. I felt strongly about recording my thoughts—it helps me process when I have to articulate. I’m glad I made this spread, I’m just not so sure about sharing it. {Good thing no one reads my blog, eh?J} I’m wondering how this piece will feel in my book when I look through it years from now? Will it stand out as the only one in dozens that isn’t a tribute? GRR!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to start scrapping pages of my loved ones that include some basic info that is the same for everyone as well as a page of the ramblings of my thoughts or memories of the person. I know I will cherish these pages but I wonder if I will become bored of the project? I suppose time will tell.

So I posted the left side yesterday before I finished the right side. I wound up changing it slightly to create more cohesion of the spread. Lesson learned: in two-page spreads finish both sides before sharing. {I may split the pages in posts depending on challenge requirements but I will always do one with them together too for my own benefit.}

Anyway, blah! Blah! Blah!

Give your loved ones an extra squeeze. One of my friends unexpectedly lost her husband this weekend. It reminds me, yet again, how fleeting our time together can be.

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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Family: Mom {left}

Wow! Three posts in three days! Time to call scrappers anonymous. J

The Slice of Life prompt over at Memory Clips this week is about family. It sparked an idea for a long-term project about my family and friends. I’m thinking it will be fun to make two-page spreads of everyone. This layout represents the format for one of the sides: a list of things I will write about each person. I think I’ll try to only finish one a week and mix it up with other projects so I don’t tire of the idea too quickly.

The sketch over at My Creative Sketches offered the perfect backdrop to the list about my mom. It allowed me to use lots of the fun bright papers from the Life Happens kit. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope the coming week is a good one for you!

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